Water savings diagnosis

Association des Bailleurs du Mantois

>>  Improving water management in rental buildings

OUR CLIENT'S CHALLENGE - Controlling water consumption in rental buildings is a key priority for social landlords aiming to help their tenants reduce their consumption. The Association des Bailleurs du Mantois has launched a program to improve water management in its rental buildings located in Mantes-la-Jolie as part of an initiative for investing in the future run by the Agence nationale pour la rénovation urbaine (Anru - national agency for urban renovations).

7 social housing companies

Over 5,000 dwellings

Over 24 months
of data analyzed

OFIS' SOLUTION - OFIS is recognized for its expertise in water savings in the private sector and holds a solid database. As such, the firm was selected to analyze the rental set-up of seven landlords and provide for solutions to optimize the situation:

  • Summary of water consumption readings for over 5,000 dwellings;
  • The results were matched with the operating analysis and system management techniques, as well as with the communications initiatives launched targeting tenants;
  • Potential water savings were estimated;
  • Suitable action plans were defined for each housing company and each context.


Client benefits

- Optimized water use -

- Effective use of available data -

- Users are involved -

- Developing a common approach -