Our team

Executive Committee

  • Sabine Fauquez

    Deputy Director in charge of Innovation Support and Health & New Pollutants (air) at Veolia, Sabine Fauquez is head of OFIS, Veolia’s specialist health risks engineering consultancy. She was previously COO of Endetec, the subsidiary dedicated to environmental monitoring solutions, after 10 years spent in a range of management functions with Veolia Water.

    Sabine Fauquez holds a doctorate in analytical chemistry from Université Pierre et Marie Curie and a diploma in general management from the Centre de Perfectionnement des Affaires.


  • Muriel Albert
    Executive Director

    Muriel Albert is an ENSIP engineer specializing in the treatment of water and nuisances. She is Deputy General Director of OFIS in charge of innovation since 2019.

    In 1999, she joined the company as a research engineer in Aix-en-Provence. Her evolution within the operational teams led her to take responsibility for the OFIS Ile-de-France & North agency until 2008.

    She then devoted herself to designing new services and exporting OFIS know-how internationally as Director of Development. She is still in charge of the internal incubator that she set up in 2015 and runs it in close collaboration with Veolia's functional departments. She becomes deputy executive director of OFIS in 2019.

  • Gaël Le Couëdic
    Director of Operations

    Gaël Le Couedic holds a DESS in Chemical and Biological Quality of Atmospheres. He joined OFIS in 1999 as a research engineer. He was successively head of operations and head of the OFIS Ile-de-France agency. In 2012 he joined a subsidiary of SADE specialized in the realization of plumbing and air conditioning in buildings, as a Production Manager. In 2017, he rejoins OFIS to take charge of the digital transformation of the company. He has since been appointed Director of Operations.

  • Fabienne Lapierre
    Operations Manager - Water and Training

    Fabienne Lapierre joined OFIS in 2002 for her end of university course "Quality and Water Management". She first worked as an engineer in the technical direction before moving to local and national commercial positions. In 2014, she was appointed QHSE Manager allowing her to use her operational experience in the necessary changes to the Quality system in place, a guarantee of excellence in OFIS services. In 2019, Fabienne LAPIERRE is appointed Head of the Training division whose ambition is to structure the training of OFIS employees and to diversify the training offer for clients.

  • Frédéric Bailer
    Operations Manager - Water and Air

    Frédéric Bailer is an engineer in process engineering. He joined OFIS company in 1999 as a design engineer, for the realization of diagnostics in sanitary water networks and cooling towers. From 2002 to 2015, he was head of the OFIS Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne agency. Since 2015, he is Head of the WATER Grand Est Pole.