Continuous monitoring of indoor air quality

Bordeaux Métropole

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OUR CLIENT'S CHALLENGE - Indoor air quality monitoring is essential to identifying potential air treatment unit dysfunctions and is key to preventive maintenance. MTO Eurogem assists Bordeaux City Council with its multi-technical building maintenance contract. OFIS was chosen to monitor air quality in Bordeaux's community building.

48 months of
monitoring by OFIS

10 measuring devices

7 parameters

OFIS' SOLUTION - OFIS can provide a comprehensive, easy and effective air quality monitoring service for buildings:

  • A suitable sampling strategy for the site;
  • Multi-parameter measuring devices are installed to monitor indoor air quality;
  • Data can be viewed via a 24-hour web portal;
  • Alerts were programmed for each parameter in line with trade standards and rules;
  • A quarterly report is drafted, including an explanation of how data is interpreted for each device;
  • The council is supported with its action plan for improving indoor air quality.


Client benefits

- Constant top-notch air quality in buildings -

- User reassurance -

- Planned actions for non-compliance -

- Operating performance monitoring -