Public network efficiency

Bordj Bou Arreridj (Algeria)

>>  Optimizing drinking water network operations in water stress zones

OUR CLIENT'S CHALLENGE - In partnership with the national Algerian Water and Environmental Research department (NEE), Seureca was selected by the Algerian Water Company (ADE) to assist the Algerian town of Bordj Bou Arreridj with a drinking water supply and distribution network renovation project. The water tanks are filled every other night in this region which is not enough to meet human and environmental water needs. The network empties throughout the day according to consumption needs and as a result of leaks.

Over 180,000

Over 50
measurement points

Over 47,000 data items
collected and processed

OFIS' SOLUTION - In order to gain a global vision of drinking water network operations within a water stress zone and to optimize operations, OFIS allocated field teams from a range of sectors to a measurement campaign at different parts of the network:

  • Instantaneous measurements were taken by day and night, aiming to determine key water data (flowrate, pressure, reservoir levels);
  • Continuous measurements were taken using various types of probes connected to loggers;
  • Data for the two main town zones (north and south) were compared and drinking water supply network losses were assessed.


Client benefits


- Establishing an order of priority for actions -

- Improved quality of service -

- Enhanced equipment awareness -