Lead-in-water diagnosis


>>  Eliminating residents' lead exposure

OUR CLIENT'S CHALLENGE - As a registered social housing company, Efidis is aware of the health risks associated with the presence of lead in drinking water and is concerned about regulatory compliance. Therefore, they have decided to adopt a challenging, preventive approach for 50 of their residences in the Paris region. OFIS supported Veolia Eau while providing services for the housing company.

50 sites

2 months
of work

Over 10,000
tenants affected

OFIS' SOLUTION - OFIS conducted a well-structured and pragmatic approach to assessing current equipment installed in buildings and the risk of user exposure to lead in water:

  • Onsite identification of all lead sections in sanitary hot and cold water networks;
  • Technical overview of all data obtained;
  • Tailor-made renovation program with an estimated budget for the works required.

Client benefits

- Compliance with regulations -

- Protecting occupants’ health -

- Establishing an order of priority for investments -

- Adding value to real estate assets -