Pool diagnosis

Grand Auch local council

>>  Optimizing pool operations and maintenance

OUR CLIENT'S CHALLENGE - Water park facilities (swimming pools, water-sport centers and leisure centers) have to deal with chloramine contamination. This can create health problems for both facility professionals and facility users. As part of the Auch swimming pool operational-contract renewal, Grand Auch local council requested an operational conditions and facilities maintenance assessment with the aim of including these issues in the new contract.

Over 130
criteria audited

Over 110
measurements taken

500: maximum
simultaneous users

OFIS' SOLUTION - OFIS provided the following services thanks to its expertise in water treatment, air treatment and sanitary conditions:

  • A sanitary and technical water, air and swimming pool hygiene diagnosis in order to identify the potential elements which create and spread chloramines;
  • Simultaneous water quality (free chlorine, total chlorine, combined chlorine, pH, temperature) and air quality measurement campaigns (air supply and renewal rate, temperature, hygrometry, trichloramines);
  • Schematic swimming pool water and air treatment system flow charts;
  • A summary comprising a risk level assessment and proposed future preventive and curative solutions.


Client benefits


- A global vision -

- Protecting users’ health and well-being -

- Constant water and air quality -

- Optimized operating expenses -