Optimizing the chilled water network

Héliaque building

>>  Stabilizing chilled water network temperatures 

OUR CLIENT'S CHALLENGE - As part of its operating contract, Dalkia is in charge of temperature control for the Héliaque office building in Paris. Despite satisfactory control in general, unpleasant noise was reported on some floors. The operator aimed to rapidly fix malfunctions, limit excessive energy consumption, and ensure maximum user comfort.

320 m3/h:
theoretical network flowrate

1,330 fan-coil units

2,760 kW in cooling

OFIS' SOLUTION - In this complex case of imbalanced chilled water networks, the field method (floor-by-floor adjustments) was inadequate if a homogeneous distribution of chilled water was to be achieved. OFIS' overall study included:

  • An audit of the site’s chilled water facilities to determine the cause of the temperature discrepancies and noise pollution ;
  • A simulation of the entire hydraulic network to set flowrates for every valve on every floor, considering all system specifications;
  • Balancing the chilled water network to reduce noise pollution and thermal imbalance by optimizing the pressure and flowrate distribution.


Client benefits

- Correction of malfunctions reported -

- Optimized energy use -

- Improved occupant well-being -