Water network commissioning

Hôpital Européen de Marseille

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OUR CLIENT'S CHALLENGE - Maintaining water quality when opening a hospital is crucial to health risk management. Société des Eaux de Marseille (SEM - Marseille water company) requested support when opening the Hôpital Européen in Marseille. An expert was assigned to assist the sanitary water system operator with guaranteeing water quality during the building's various commissioning phases.

560 beds

22 operating

24 months of 
monitoring by OFIS

OFIS' SOLUTION - OFIS provided support for site teams during each key stage when opening the new building, eliminating the risk of contamination during operations:

  • A pre-acceptance technical assessment to ensure the sanitary compliance of the hot and cold water systems;
  • Checking the balancing of the sanitary hot water recirculating loops;
  • Preparing procedures to maintain water quality;
  • Defining water sampling strategies;
  • Opening the sanitary log for the hospital;
  • Regular inspections. The sampling plan is updated based on results and corrective/curative actions are proposed where necessary;
  • OFIS teams ensured that the operator and future facility managers were fully aware of health risks.


Client benefits

- Constant water quality -

- Easy system handover -

- Planned actions for non‑compliance -

- Benefiting from expert support -