Building environmental and sanitary profiles

Lavaur hospital - Pinel Psychotherapy Center

>>  Meeting HAS environmental requirements

OUR CLIENT'S CHALLENGE - The Pinel Psychotherapy Center at Lavaur Hospital must adhere to Haute Autorité Sanitaire (French National Authority for Health - HAS) certification. The 2010 version includes quality and environmental safety objectives. An environmental and sanitary building overview enables the facility, which has already launched a global environmental impact reduction project, to meet the environmental criteria as outlined in the HAS guidelines.

6 criteria

15 buildings

Over 150 measurements used

OFIS' SOLUTION - OFIS developed 6THEMIC© - an assessment tool for environmental and sanitary performance inside buildings. This tool includes:

  • A multi-parameter approach to key factors in buildings such as water, energy, air quality, comfort, health and waste;
  • An assessment of each item according to different criteria: consumption levels, design, maintenance, follow-up, awareness campaigns and communications, etc.
  • An invaluable decision-making support tool to provide managers with a global and transversal vision of the major environmental and health issues which interact in buildings;
  • Relevant monitoring indicators with an effective visual display;
  • A consistent improvement plan.


Client benefits

- A global view -

- Aligned priorities -

- Compliance with regulations -

- Informed decision-making -

- Optimized investment -