Health risk control for air and water systems

Montreal teaching hospital (Canada)

>>  Preparing for operational health risks during construction

OUR CLIENT'S CHALLENGE - Veolia has been entrusted with operating Montreal hospital in Canada. Before operating an "occupied" new building, Veolia decided to launch specific maintenance procedures to ensure that air and water quality standards were satisfied at delivery.

Over 268,000 m²
of surface area

39 operating

Over 36 months of technical  assistance from OFIS

OFIS' SOLUTION - OFIS' expertise enabled Veolia to be fully prepared for any operating constraints within the hospital's water and air quality maintenance system:

  • Analysis of the hospital's sanitary water network preliminary design plan in order to identify critical sanitary points and propose technical improvements;
  • Onsite analysis of risk factors relating to air treatment facilities, and a specific investigation into heat recovery systems using thermal wheels fitted in the air treatment units;
  • Preventive and curative procedures designed specifically for the site were drafted for Legionella risk control, and a preventive maintenance program was prepared for air treatment systems.


Client benefits

- Preventing contamination risks from day 1 -

- Integrating good practices in maintenance procedures -

- Proposing a joint action plan with the hospital -