Covid-19: monitor indoor air quality with AIR Control Covid

To limit the risk of Covid-19 spreading

Ventilate! The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that in addition to barrier gestures it is imperative to ventilate indoor spaces to limit the spread of Covid-19 by aerosols. But how do you know when to ventilate?

How to identify good indoor air quality? Monitoring the concentrations of carbon dioxide and fine particles provides some answers. The higher they are, the more likely it is the air could be contaminated with viral particles and the greater the need to ventilate.

OFIS developed AIR Control COVID to be able to measure levels and alert occupants to the need to ventilate the space. Sensors equipped with indicator lights are installed* in high-risk locations that have been identified by our air quality experts. Alert thresholds are set on the basis of local authorities recommendations and all measurements are accessible on a web interface. The sensors indicator lights can be supplemented with notifications sent to the building manager to warn that thresholds have been reached.



In school catering spaces in particular, monitoring air quality is one more lever in the fight against COVID-19. Measure, alert, ventilate!


*Sensors provide indicators and do not measure the viral load in a room.