OFIS winner of the Impact Awards

The operation "Welcome in my clean'air school! "proposed by OFIS, won the environmental performance prize at the 1st Veolia Impact Awards.

A pioneering operation in France, "Welcome in my clean'air school! "is a program dedicated to indoor air quality in schools. With the town of Le Raincy, OFIS has developed a unique approach to address air quality issues in two public schools.

This pilot program received an Impact Award at the ceremony that unveiled the Veolia Group's winners at the beginning of February. It won out over 65 other international projects.

This prize rewards a global approach to engineering and student awareness.

In the elementary schools "Les Fougères" and "La Fontaine", the air quality was first evaluated thanks to a network of sensors capable of continuously measuring parameters such as CO2, particles and VOCs. Then specific treatment systems were installed during the rehabilitation of the buildings.

At the same time, children, educators and parents were made aware of good air quality practices. The approach, initiated at the end of 2019, led OFIS teams to commit to performance and to guarantee the daily production of reliable air quality for the children of the Raincy.