Water network audit and monitoring

Partage et Vie Foundation

>>  Safeguarding water networks at nursing homes and sanitary sites

OUR CLIENT'S CHALLENGE - The Partage et Vie Foundation, a major operator in the nursing home and sanitary sectors, has been applying a bacteriological contamination risk control policy to water networks for many years. As part of this policy, the Foundation wishes for support in preventing Legionella risks.

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4 years covered by
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OFIS' SOLUTION - OFIS can provide its expertise in Legionella risk control for all of the sites run by the Partage et Vie Foundation in France, guaranteeing improved water quality in sanitary networks. Examples of the solutions provided:

  • Annual technical audits for sanitary water networks;
  • Assessment of maintenance operations and operating/monitoring conditions;
  • Proposal of a tailor-made sampling strategy to ensure that the Legionella analysis results per site are correctly interpreted;
  • Continuous monitoring of sanitary hot water temperature, which can be used to detect any preliminary signs of reduced water quality;
  • Definition of a prioritized action plan after completing diagnoses including preventive, corrective and curative measures.


Client benefits


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