Optimizing the secondary heating network

Termoelectrica (Moldavia)

>>  Targeting energy savings and occupant well-being

OUR CLIENT'S CHALLENGE - Setting up a city heating network is a key strategic program for regions and making sure the needs of the various buildings connected to the network are fully understood is essential. Seureca assisted Termoelectrica, the urban heating firm from Chisinau in Moldavia, as part of a World Bank contract. This contract included optimizing the energy used by collective housing heating networks.

6 buildings audited

Over 120 valves adjusted

8 % energy savings

OFIS' SOLUTION - Energy use was optimized by balancing the heating networks inside some buildings:

  • Identification of all balancing components and networks, and the characteristics of the building structure;
  • Calculated heat loss;
  • Network flowrates measured;
  • Set preliminary adjustments for balancing components;
  • Development and adjustment of the balancing components fitted at the base of the network column;
  • Measuring equipment skills passed on.


Client benefits

- Optimized building energy needs -

- Improved expertise for technical teams -

- Customized heating network design -