Acceptance and optimization of air and water systems

Veolia head office - Le V

>>  Achieving environmental excellence in buildings

OUR CLIENT'S CHALLENGE - "Le V", the new Veolia head office in Aubervilliers, provides employees and clients with a top quality workplace and welcoming environment. The building is compliant with the requirements of European environmental certifications (HQE, Breeam), and aims to set the example in terms of construction and usage. Veolia Énergie France, the building operator, decided to obtain support for this process.

Over 50 check points

11 air quality

40 water quality

OFIS' SOLUTION - OFIS can monitor air and water quality according to tailor-made standards from delivery and throughout the building lifecycle:

  • A series of cold water analyses to approve pre-delivery disinfection operations;
  • A series of sanitary hot water analyses at the different usage points;
  • A series of routine air analyses for indoor spaces and air treatment systems as part of building operations;
  • Continuous indoor air quality monitoring to optimize control systems and check that occupant health and comfort are guaranteed over time.

Client benefits

- Guaranteed air and water quality -

- Proven system sanitary performance -

- Optimized operating expenses -

- Planned actions for non-compliance -