A word from the President

Sabine Fauquez, President of OFIS
Our expertise at your disposal.

OFIS can provide building managers with solutions for two major concerns: firstly, the health and well-being of occupants, and secondly, the compliance and long-term integrity of real estate assets.

Health priorities for indoor areas are currently an issue on the rise, considering both the increasing numbers of Legionella cases and disorders relating to air quality such as allergies, asthma and yet more critical pathologies. Securing indoor facilities is still therefore a clear priority for decision-makers, not only when operating buildings, but also during the design phase.

Managing health risks, from assessing the situation to finding solutions, has become a particularly complex issue, and OFIS has developed unique expertise, establishing its position as the leader in France. OFIS is used to solving air or water quality crisis situations and can support its clients by running a preventive management plan and ensuring compliance with regulations in the form of diagnoses and effective solutions to match the building type and use, in any sector: buildings open to the public, health, education, tertiary buildings, industrial sites or housing.

Sabine Fauquez, President of OFIS